Top European Destinations to Visit

It’s that time of the year when you’re looking for recommendations on your next holiday. Then you start discussing with your travel partner and end up fighting, deals fly away and you end up booking destinations that you have visited so many times that now it starts to feel boring. Hey, don’t worry, I’m here with a list of European destinations divided by budget, depending on the cost of living there. These top European destinations are perfect for solo travellers too. Ready to pack? Let’s go!


1. Copenhagen, Denmark.

The beautiful capital of Denmark was nominated Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel of 2019, so why not spending at least 4-5 days there? Copenhagen is a city rich in art, history, and the food cuisine is dynamic and stimulating. The only downside is that you need to save a lot before going there as it is one of the most expensive cities for tourists. If you want to be sure to find decent weather, the best season is of course summer. It will be fresh but sunny, even though summer in 2018 was exceptionally hot. It was hotter and sunnier over there than it was in Sicily! However, going there in summer could be even more expensive than going there off-season.
Make sure to check the upcoming events for 2019 in Copenhagen.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Either if you’re looking for a romantic city or a crazy holiday with your friends, Amsterdam is the city for you. There are many crazy stereotypes about it, but what Amsterdam has to offer will go beyond your expectations: a vibrant music scene, a growing presence in world culinary art and landscapes that will blow your mind. Amsterdam is mostly known for its museums, such as Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum.
Make sure to check the official tourism board website.


3. Rome, Italy.

Rome can be extremely cheap or extremely expensive. It’s a city that hosts so many tourists that unfortunately local businesses have taken advantage of it. Touristy accommodations and restaurants are everywhere, some of them are incredibly good, some others are labeled as tourist traps for a good reason: you pay a lot for the worst quality ever. Rome can’t be visited in 48 or 72 hours if you want to make the most out of it. Forget public transportation and walk for hours, it’ll be the most rewarding experience ever. Plan your days carefully and spend at least 5 days in the eternal city. It’s better to visit Rome during the first week of each month because museums and sightseeing (including the Colosseum) are F R E E every first Sunday of every month.
This is the tourism board official website.

4. Berlin, Germany.

Every backpacker in the world must visit Berlin sooner or later. Again, Berlin is neither cheap nor too expensive. I spent one month there in October and it was the perfect time because it started to be chilly but not too cold. Berlin has an interesting history and it helps us understand how a city once divided had to unite and change its shape considerably after the wall. Berlin is dynamic, modern, multiethnic, and people are ready to welcome you as a tourist.

5. Barcelona, Spain.

Reasons to visit Barcelona: sun, food, architecture. I think I have given enough reasons to visit the capital of Catalonia. Just like in Italy, you will need more than 3-4 days to visit it. I was there for 2 days only and I skipped Park Güell, biggest mistake ever! It is even free if you go right before opening time. Modernist architecture is what really blows everyone’s mind when visiting Catalonia’s capital. You can find touristy-restaurants that are actually very good when it comes to tapas and typical Barcelonian food. The best month to visit Barcelona is September, when it’s still sunny but not too crowded, but it will be high season so it might get expensive. Otherwise, two good months to visit Barcelona are March or October.


6. Wrocław, Poland.

You can reach Silesia’s most iconic city with Ryanair from any city in Europe. It usually take 2 maximum 3 days to visit the entire city and fall in love with it. If you’re looking for a unique architecture with a unique history, then Wrocław is the city for you. If you want to know more about it, check my blog post about it.

7. Cefalù (Sicily), Italy.

Do you want to avoid mainstream destinations but still visit a city rich in history and food culture? Located in the Northern Sicilian coast, Cefalù will surprise you. The city centre is small and one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I used to go there once a year when I lived in Sicily and even if it was “winter” (February), it was pleasant to walk along the coast or the beach eating handmade gelato.

8. Riga, Latvia.

I asked my friend Paula to tell about her experience in Riga. Why Latvia is the hottest destination in 2019?
“Latvia is, without doubt, one of my favourite destinations in Europe. I don’t even have the feeling, that I saw all of it. I was overwhelmed by this beautiful city. The old town is mesmerizing with its cute little alleys and stunning buildings. And as it is not already on everyone’s radar, the city is wonderfully empty! There are no huge crowds or queues anywhere, making my time in Riga super relaxing. And isn’t that what vacation is about?

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9. Prague, Czech Republic.

I couldn’t end this list without talking about Prague. Cheap and beautiful, you can visit the city in 3 days. Prague is so rich in history and it is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to architecturally-speaking. When it comes to street food, Prague is the city for you, just like Copenhagen. Chimney cake? Yes, please. The best time to visit Prague is summer for sure, but it’s peak season. If you want to enjoy Czech Republic’s capital city without many tourists around, then you should go between February and March.

Let me know which one of these you’d like to visit!

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