Jomfru Ane Hotel Review

I recently went to Aalborg, Denmark and needed a place to stay. I didn’t know much about the city before going there, but I’m happy I collaborated with Hotel Jomfru Ane. Do you want to know why?


This 3-star hotel is located in the heart of Aalborg. Everything you will have to visit is located nearby. The hotel takes its name from the street it is located on (Jomfru Ane Gade). It’s probably one of the most famous streets in the world, Nelson Mandela used to go to the restaurants along this street!

Jomfru Ane Hotel is a medium-sized hotel with rooms on two floors. The rooms were renovated in 2013 and mirror the typical Danish minimalism.


There is a lounge where you can have breakfast between 6:30-10:00 during weekdays and between 8:00-10:30 on weekends. The lounge is open during the day and you can have free coffee or tea on the couches while watching TV or enjoying some of the most known and incredibly beautiful paintings by Ole Ahlberg, a local painter who is currently living and working in Copenhagen.

Breakfast includes a wide choice of products and drinks, both sweet and savory.

The staff was incredibly kind and they know the city very well, they were always ready to help and spoke at least two-three foreign languages.


If you want to book your next stay in a central location and clean hotel, then make sure to book your stay at Hotel Jomfru Ane. The official website is in English and Danish and has all the info you might need!

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The Collector’s Victory Hotel Review


“In 1974, our mother Majlis had had enough of slaving by the stove and of wiping snotty children’s noses. She threw the dishcloth on the floor and said: enough is enough! Shortly thereafter, a modest hotel on nearby Västerlånggatan came up for sale and Majlis seized the opportunity. Our father Gunnar, who was a keen collector of antiques, mainly of the maritime kind, realized that this was the perfect chance to display his rare artifacts”.

This explains how the Collector’s Hotel Lord Nelson was born. After 6 years, Lady Hamilton was born. And finally, in 1987, the Victory Hotel.
The story behind this chain is so interesting and every single thing in here confirms the huge passion of everyone working here. Their rooms look like art exhibitions and are truly beautiful.

I stayed in Captain Lundqvist room, which had a double bed and two large windows, as well as a private bathroom. Everything here looks perfect, every piece of furniture is carefully chosen and taken care of.

Their continental breakfast is classy and delicious, with a touch of Swedish typical food such as salmon.

Located right in the heart of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town, Victory Hotel is what will make your stay incredibly wonderful.

For more information and reservation visit the official website



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Birger Jarl Hotel Review


If you have ever studied Swedish history, then you probably heard about Birger Jarl, the founder of Stockholm (13th century). That’s where the name of this design hotel comes from.

Located near Rådmansgatan T-Bana station, its staff will take care of you from arrival to departure with courtesy and kindness, helping you plan your trip to Stockholm.

At the entrance, you can find their restaurant, serving traditional Swedish dishes with a twist and with a wide variety of drinks. Their staff speaks several languages, including French and Spanish.

Now let’s talk about the wonderful suite I was assigned to the Junior Suite.

Decorated and furnished with high quality and design products, it has two bathrooms, a double bed, a sofa, and a chaise longue. Wi-Fi is free, as well as coffee (high-quality Italian espresso can be prepared in the suite with a beautiful and simple to use Nespresso machine).


The suite was always impeccably clean and if a light bulb doesn’t work properly, they rush in the room to replace it and guarantee you the best service ever.

A buffet breakfast is served every day* and it includes anything you might possibly think: freshly baked bread, pancakes (typical Swedish pannkakor)

*Breakfast opening times:
Weekdays, 6:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

There is also a gym, but I didn’t use it, as well as 14 conference rooms.

Well, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a stylish and luxury stay, then book directly through the official website and make the most out of your trip to Stockholm.

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Arthur Hotel Helsinki Review

Staying at Hotel Arthur was literally incredible! I was in Helsinki to follow the famous Design Week, so staying at Arthur means to choose a place with an eye for design. It’s located in the heart of Helsinki, right behind the main railway station, so you can basically go anywhere from the hotel.




PROS: I stayed in the Ateljee room, which –hear ye, hear ye – has its own sauna. So I had the chance to experience my very first Finnish sauna right here. I had a sauna every night after trying it for the first time. It’s an incredible experience that I have finally crossed out from my bucket list. I was actually scared to try the sauna all by myself, but the reception staff explained carefully all the procedures and made me feel better about the idea. Now I’m trying to save as much money as I can to build my own sauna at home in Rome, so that’s how much I loved the sauna. Other pros: the bed is comfortable, everything is super clean and the room temperature was absolutely perfect. Everything is new and functional. There were two separate showers leading to the sauna, so if you’re going there with your partner, you won’t need to fight for the shower! The room was provided with coffee and tea, which I also loved.
One of my favorite things here was the restaurant. Breakfast is rich and has also typical Finnish food. I should have asked for the Karjalanpiirakka recipe before leaving, maybe I’ll do it next time.


CONS: I’m sorry, but I’ll need to leave this blank. There was nothing wrong with all the amazing work behind Arthur Hotel.

FACILITIES: You got everything you might need in the Ateljee Room: clean sheets, soft towels, shampoo, hair conditioner, soap, hairdryer, flat tv-screen, kettle, and many others. Wi-fi works amazingly like anywhere in the country and having my own sauna was definitely a huge plus.


BREAKFAST: milk, 1897 different types of butter, muesli, cereals, fresh fruit, eggs, cold cuts, 8328 types of bread, Karelian pasty, meatballs, vegetables, coffee, fresh juices and oh my god, if only I had 3 more stomachs.


BOOKINGS: the easiest way to book your stay at Arthur Hotel is through their official website. Click here for reservations and here to take a look at all the rooms and suites. There is also a restaurant which has also fixed-price menus and accepts reservations even for non-guests.


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Omena Hotel Yrjönkatu Helsinki Review

That’s the best option if you’re traveling to Helsinki with someone and are looking for something nice and typically Finnish. This chain has a peculiarity: everything is self-service and you won’t meet the staff, even though there’s a phone at the entrance that you can use in case of emergency. To enter the room, you must have a personal code that works for the entrance door, the elevator and your room. You receive it at 8:00 am and it is valid from 16:00 (check-in time) until 12:00 on check-out day.
I stayed at the Omena Hotel in the city center, at Yrjönkatu. Helsinki is a rather small city, so you easily reach the major attractions from here.


PROS: If you want things to be smooth, without long waits at reception desks, then this is one of the positive aspects. Another thing that is amazing is that being so close to the center, you can wake up late and still manage to catch the train to the airport. Restaurants, cafés, pubs, and the shopping mall surround the building so that you don’t have to walk for miles and miles to have Finnish korvapuusti and kahvi.


CONS: If you’re looking for a place where you can meet people, then it might be hard to do so unless you go to a karaoke night. Another small detail is the absence of a luggage deposit, but if you plan your itinerary carefully, then you don’t even need it. In case it is absolutely necessary to store your backpack, then you can leave it at the railway station. Click here for more information.


FACILITIES: Rooms are well equipped. Free wi-fi works properly, you have clean sheets and towels and a flat-screen tv. If you’re planning to have breakfast or a quick lunch in your room, then you can use the fridge to store your stuff, a microwave to heat up your meal from Alepa (a few steps away, on the lowest floor in FORUM shopping center) and a kettle to boil water for coffee or tea. I stayed here in Autumn so coffee and tea were essential for my nervous system and they come in mono-portion bags along with creamer and sugar.


BREAKFAST (refers only to the Omena at Yrjönkatu, for breakfast options for other hotels of the same chain, please check the official website): for 5,60€ you get to eat so much food to start your day in Helsinki. Breakfast is served at the Café Picnic Forum Kukontori at shopping center Forum across the street from the hotel (1-2 minutes walk). The breakfast includes a breakfast roll with ham or cheese, yogurt, juice and coffee or tea.


BOOKINGS: the easiest way to book your stay at Omena Hostel is through the official website. Click here for reservations and here if you have questions.

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