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Top European Destinations to Visit in 2019

It’s that time of the year when you’re looking for recommendations on […]


Review: Jomfru Ane Hotel

I recently went to Aalborg, Denmark and needed a place to stay. […]

Culture Italy Sweden

Coffee Culture Compared: what is coffee?

Coffee culture in Italy and Sweden compared. As an aspiring translator, I […]

Italy Rome

What’s really like to live in Rome

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This little dreamer called Luce decided to […]

Poland Warsaw

Christmas Markets in Warsaw

Once upon a time, in a city inhabited by wonderful people, where […]


Saint Lucy’s Day in Sweden and Italy

Saint Lucy’s Day is celebrated on December 13th. ⠀In Sweden, it is […]

Poland Wroclaw

Wrocław: a weekend in Silesia in the city of dwarfs

Imagine visiting a country just because the plane ticket was so cheap […]


Review: The Collector’s Victory Hotel

“In 1974, our mother Majlis had had enough of slaving by the […]


Review: Birger Jarl Hotel

If you have ever studied Swedish history, then you probably heard about […]

Finland Helsinki

Helsinki Design Week: your guide to Finnish Design

As soon as I stepped on Finnish soil, I immediately understood the […]

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